Core Interactions Theory

An Elegant Framework that Changes Everything ...



Miguel Franco, founder of Conscious Path, LLC, elaborated an elegant framework, Core Interactions Theory, that delves deeply into the nature of consciousness and provides powerful perspectives on how it arises and manifests in physical form. It also offers processes and practices to raise it to higher frequencies so it can become coherent with what he describes as the SuperConscious, our non-physical aspect that vibrates in the Quantum Field.

When this happens, High Flow States become available and transformation naturally happens from the Core of who we really are. We create life from a state of ABUNDANCE as we experience being whole and complete in the present moment.


“Simply put, becoming coherent with your SuperConscious Frequency is the most advanced, powerful, effective and enjoyable way to transform your life from the inside out, so you can become a High Flow CEO and manifest your dreams without burning yourself out in the process.”



Core Interactions Theory follows the scientific model. It integrates concepts and applications from quantum mechanics, neurobiology, positive psychology, sports performance, business models and consciousness studies.


It pulls together observations, laws, hypotheses and inferences to describe our perceived realities and who we really are. The theory is based on the premise of a Universe that is self-organizing and co-evolutionary, and its creative intelligence is within every cell of our body manifesting through us. As a theory, it is neutral to philosophies and traditions.


In a nutshell, Core Interactions is the exchange between Core Energy, or the energy that gave birth to our Universe, with our Essence, or individual self.


This exchange takes place as our Essence interacts with our environments and circumstances.


It creates intention and attention, drives our behavior and shapes our experiences.


This interaction creates energy streams, which we can consciously manage and transform with our thoughts, feelings and actions, giving our lives more direction, flow and purpose.


And this is what being a High Flow CEO is all about.


Intention creates meaningAttention gives formBehavior produces results. And Experience is Consciousness, it is the lifeforce flowing through us as thoughts and feelings, as vibrational patterns.

The theory validates a Universe that evolves in collaborative partnership with every element in it. Core Energy manifests, evolves and transforms through our Essence in a co-creative process with everything else in the Universe. This process becomes dependent on the vibrational coherence between all parts. Our relationship with Nature is an example of this partnership.

A Neoteric Perspective of the EGO!

by Miguel Franco


 "When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change."

Max Planck


Among the many models, or perspectives, that Core Interactions Theory provides, arguably the Ego Structure is the most important as it sheds a new light on a subject that has been misunderstood for a long, long time, causing all kinds of inner and outer conflicts, including cruel wars.

Let's start with Essence, which is our unique vibrational signature in the Universe. The frequency it vibrates is dependent on the clarity of the communication between our physical and non-physical aspects, or between our Body and our SuperConscious Mind, which is coherent with the Quantum Field where infinite possibilities exist beyond time and space. 

In Core Interactions Theory, the Ego is the energetic interface responsible for this communication. The vibrational interactions between the quantum field and our Ego occur through energy fields, including our bio-fields and manifest as thoughts, feelings and actions.


We experience life through our thought-feeling patterns, and most of them come from our earlier programming which created the Ego Structure in the first place. The Ego Structure is formed by our personality, belief systems, identities and our bio-chemistry. This Ego Structure form an energetic blueprint, or interface, which is responsible for how we interact with our environments and circumstances, driving our behaviors and our experience of life.


So, in this model, the vibrational thought-feeling patterns created by our personality, values, beliefs, identities and bio-chemistry are by-products of our conditioning and genetics. Our conditioning is the result of the interplay between Essence and our environments and circumstances and can also create all sorts of trauma that can get somatized. This is well understood by psychology.


The Ego Structure allows our uniqueness to manifest in physical form. 


The Ego Structure creates personal preferences, giving us the diversity, growth and evolution of Humanity. This perspective of the Ego differs from traditional interpretations. 

In a way, this interface becomes our destiny. If we don’t recalibrate it from time to time, we can experience resistance towards change and stay chained to subconscious thoughts, feelings and habits. Some of them become outdated as we evolve, which causes our energy to fragment, which is often the case when we have unresolved trauma.


Our subconscious feeds our conscious awareness 95% of the time.


When we recalibrate our energetic blueprint, we change our manifested realities. We can consciously recalibrate our Ego Structure by becoming coherent with our SuperConscious mind on a regular basis. This process can be accomplished intuitively and also pragmatically. When we integrate both approaches, the vibrational interactions become stronger and more present, allowing for our Core Intentions to manifest with greater ease.

I go really deep into the many processes and practices that are required to reset the frequency of our vibrational interface to higher levels in the High Flow Performance Mentoring Program. In a nutshell, we need to bring the Ego components into coherence with each other so we can alter its structure.  


We all need the Ego Structure to manifest in physical form. We can recalibrate our Ego Structure by becoming coherent with our SuperConscious Mind so we can repattern our subconscious and brain with the Wisdom of our Heart.


This neoteric perspective of the Ego and its psychic structure also allows for a new understanding of many phenomena, including mediumship and the ever present discussion of Life after Life. This is because the vibrational pattern of the Ego Structure has a quantum non-local aspect, which explains a whole range of psi experiences backed by scientific and anecdotal evidence.

Ego Structure


In Core Interactions Theory, the Ego is the energetic interface responsible for the communication between our physical and non-physical aspects.

The Ego Structure is formed by our personality, belief systems, identities and our bio-chemistry. The Ego Structure is responsible for how we interact with our environments and circumstances. It creates personal preferences, giving us the diversity, growth and evolution of Humanity.

The vibrational pattern of the Ego Structure has a quantum non-local aspect, which explains a whole range of psi experiences backed by scientific and anecdotal evidence.

The Ego Structure through the eyes of a clinical psychotherapist.


By Andy Bellamy


An Evolutionary Process 


According to Core Interactions Theory, life is the interaction of energy-information which coalesces into patterns through intention and manifests, for us humans, through thoughts, feelings and actions. According to science, energy-information is the essence of the Universe we live in, where interactions start at subatomic levels.


By understanding how we perceive, experience and process the interactions of energy-information, we can consciously manage our life processes, giving them purpose, direction and form, allowing us to ultimately experience life from a state of wholeness. Miguel Franco’s system clarifies how these processes take place and offers practical solutions on how to manage them. 


Core Interactions Theory also shows how our worldviews, or how we perceive reality, are transient. Worldviews are assumptions that create our life stories. They range from our state of health, financial and social status to relationships and sexual preferences. From religious and political views to moral standards, laws, rituals and social behaviors. From educational systems to careers and business models, from struggle to thriving, etc... 


Through Core Interactions Theory we can observe how our sense of self, or Ego, is built through our worldviews, and how we can consciously change them to create new ways to interact with the energy-information of the Universe. This observer/observed model requires that we become neutral, or let go of judgement and attachment to choose a path that is more appropriate for us in the present. 


As we consciously experience the results of our choices we can learn from our experiences, get back into the observer mode and evolve into new choices, processes and worldviews. As we evolve, we redefine, or recalibrate our Ego with the frequency of our SuperConscious, which triggers new life experiences. Growth comes from riding the waves created by our new realities and stepping into the unknown. And what an exciting ride that can be!


This model shows that if we can intentionally create shifts in Consciousness to stay coherent with our SuperConscious and Core Desires, the power to change our individual destiny and the destiny of mankind is in our hands as our future emerges from our current choices. 


Our choices are dependent on the vibrational coherence between the thought-feeling patterns of our experiences in our physical reality with the frequency of our Core Desires from the SuperConscious. 


The power of Core Interactions Theory is in its simplicity. It allows for a new understanding of how life emerges as a result of our states of consciousness and the choice we make accordingly. 


With this understanding, the theory provides possibilities where every perspective, or point of view, can peacefully co-exist with others so as species we can create a planet that works for everyone. 


It is very empowering to know something so simple yet so transformative.


How applying Core Interactions Theory transformed a clinical practice and created a more coherent Life.


By Andy Bellamy

A Planet that works for Everyone!



We all have free will and the ability to make new choices. When we learn to perceive energy patterns we become more conscious of our vibrational nature, of our Source, of what we are creating and manifesting. We also learn to appreciate and reinforce the positive aspects within our differences. 


Regardless of how much self-development we have done, or how spiritual or enlightened we may consider ourselves to be, there is no end to how much we can evolve as human beings. And in a vibrational Universe, one of the greatest skills we can develop to enjoy a conscious and abundant life is to manage our energy. How we experience life depends on the coherence between our thoughts, feelings and actions. 


With coherence, we experience more direction, flow and purpose. And this is what being a High Flow CEO is all about. It is our personal responsibility to educate ourselves on how to break free from our limitations. 


We all have the capacity to elevate our thoughts to new realms of possibilities. We all have access to the infinite intelligence that resides within each one of us. 


The power to change our individual destiny and the destiny of mankind is in our hands. Our future emerges from our current choices. So, what are you choosing for yourself? You can most definitely engineer your destiny and by doing so, contribute to a change in global consciousness. 


Together we can envision a new social order on Earth and a planet that works for everyone.

High Flow States as experienced by a Yogini.


By Liz D.


"The wisdom of your Heart is wiser than Ancient Wisdom."


Miguel Franco

An Elegant Framework!


The beauty of Core Interactions Theory is in its simplicity. It offers many easy to understand models that not only makes sense to pragmatic and intuitive individuals alike, but also each model contains its unique set of processes and practices that make manifestations of our Core Desires easy to occur. One of its most important models is the High Flow Performance Matrix®, which helps anyone identify the energy state from which they manifest their realities.

We transform inner driven, creative leaders into HIGH FLOW CEOs, so they can redefine their limits, experience High Flow Performance and transform the World with their Wisdom and Passion.