We transform inner driven, creative leaders into High Flow CEOs, so they can Redefine their Limits, Experience High Flow Performance and Change the World with their Wisdom and Passion!


We transform inner driven, creative leaders into High Flow CEOs, so they can Redefine their Limits, Experience High Flow Performance and Change the World with their Wisdom and Passion!

Becoming a High Flow CEO

Matt Treece 


Watch Matt as he describes his amazing and meteoric life transformation that resulted in manifesting the love of his life and a thriving business. It all happened during the High Flow Performance mentoring process.

Today he leads a team of 60 + people, has surpassed 7 figures in his business and travels the world with his girlfriend enjoying the laptop lifestyle. You can find Matt's comprehensive case study in The Drive To Win eBook.


Who is this work for?


While the perspectives, processes and practices we offer can be extremely helpful for anyone interested in living more consciously and effectively in the World while experiencing heightened states of awareness and well-being, the following audiences may benefit in specific ways from our programs:

Professionals &



Whether you work for an organization or for yourself, operating from a High Flow State will give you an edge not only in your decision-making, risk-taking, creativity, planning and productivity, but also in your ability to be of service from a heart-centered and grounded space, so you can lead with wisdom, love and integrity without the stress.

Athletes & 



Those whose livelihoods depend on performing at their highest level will greatly benefit from being able to access and sustain High Flow States and the laser focus, enhanced performance, inspiration and motivation they provide. The same applies for those in amateur sports and arts who want to improve their craft, have more fun and enjoy rewarding relationships with others. 

Explorers &

Thought Leaders


If you use, practice or teach any form of brain-based transformational work or energy healing, you can more easily impact yourself and others when you operate from a High Flow State as your creative impulses will flow from a place of authenticity, inspiration and compassion, and without resistance. Your presence will be valued and appreciated.

Top Performance

A project way ahead of its time! 

Read the incredible story of how Miguel Franco applied the SuperConscious Experience® technology through auto racing to increase performance and well being in the workplace. 

A one of a kind project  sponsored by RAYOVAC® in 1997, with over 500 participants. The precursor of the High Flow Performance Mentoring Program currently offered.

Read all about this cutting-edge project!

"Create your Life without Fear

And See delusions Disappear

You're not a Hostage of your Past

And your Future you Create right Here!"


Miguel Franco

Featured Podcasts 


Recalibration, Flow and Creativity 


Gustavo Couto

Gustavo, a financial consultant and entrepreneur, talks about how he used Miguel's tools and systems in project management to identify and de-energize conflicts and roadblocks, and achieve goals in a positive, non-stressful way.

Wendy DeWitt

Wendy, an accomplished songwriter, musician and entrepreneur shares how Miguel's tools helped her let go of an unfulfilling business, de-energize struggles and recalibrate her frequency to get back into flow and creativity.

Flavio Nono Figueiredo

Multiple Touring Car/GT champion

"A driver’s concentration is essential to good performance on track, whether to make a fast lap or win a race. I have learned a few techniques with Miguel Franco in 1990 and I use them until today: Clearing my head and having only the main goal in mind for a qualifying and a race are essential to trying your best."

Raiana dos Anjos

Retail Manager

"I recommend Miguel Franco because he has a lot of skills and a lot of tools to help people to help themselves. He can help you clarify the ideas that you have so you can help yourself."

Daniel Dalarossa

Silicon Valley Entrepreneur

 "I highly recommend Miguel Franco for individuals and organizations, not only because he has lots of experience on what he does or because he has developed an incredible framework in the field called Core Interactions Theory, but mainly because he produces results."

"The wisdom of your Heart is wiser than Ancient Wisdom."


Miguel Franco