"I Envision a Planet that Works for Everyone!"


Miguel Franco  

"I Envision a Planet that Works for Everyone!"


Miguel Franco  

Miguel Franco is a multi-cultural visionary mentor, transformational and heart centered teacher, and a pioneer in the field of bio-energetics for both individuals and organizations. 

His uncanny ability to help clients and students translate their wisdom into inspired action is second to none, thanks to his elegant framework Core Interactions Theory, along with processes and practices designed to create coherence with what he describes as the SuperConscious, which vibrates in the Quantum Field.

When this happens, High Flow States become available.

For the last 40 years, Miguel has leveraged his extraordinary gifts, expertise and engineering background to help transform inner driven and creative leaders into High Flow CEOs through his best selling books and trainings, including his signature program High Flow Performance: A SuperConscious Experience®, and other result oriented programs such as Engineer Your Destiny® and Recalibrate Your Heart®. 

His clients and students include Silicon Valley founders, top level race car drivers, artists, course creators, online entrepreneurs, therapists and spiritual seekers.

He was worked with global brands such as RAYOVAC®, Toyota, SunPower, Sumitomo, Banco do Brasil, SOHO and Cyclades, and many professional organizations, such as CONARH, GABA and BayBrazil. 

His lifelong passion is racing, and he’s currently preparing himself for a comeback. He wants to compete in the high profile 24 Hour of Le Mans before he turns 70. He wants to inspire people of all ages and backgrounds to believe in themselves, to be bold and to go after their dreams. 


Anything is possible when we have the drive to win!

Transforming Fragmentation into High Flow.

If your business or career is not making your heart sing, your energy is not high flowing, and is an indication that you have to dissolve some resistance and energy fragmentation!

An effective way to dissolve resistance is to bring more coherence to the vibrational interactions between our own energy, the people we serve and the money exchanged.

Higher coherence creates High Flow Performance.

When you manage your energy to create a coherent energy field for the people you serve and for the money that flows in and out of your life and business, you are priming yourself for High Flow Performance!

But If you are not getting the results you want it is a sign that you are spinning your wheels in resistance, or that your energy is getting fragmented for whatever reason.

Fragmentation can happen to anyone, especially to business leaders in our fast changing World.

Fragmentation can take place in different areas and can bring real problems to our personal and professional lives. Trauma and stress are the main triggers for energy fragmentation, and we may not be aware of what’s going on with us until something unwanted happens.


My Journey


I’ve experienced fragmentation a few times in my life, and worked with many others who have too. 

The first time it happened to me was in my early twenties after a near death experience through a car accident where I was a passenger. I spent nearly one year laying flat on a hospital bed. Although I recovered from it, little I knew how much this accident would impact my life later on.

A few years after the Top Performance project and at the height of what could have been described as success, I experienced an internal system crash due to health imbalances that brought my life to another halt. It was a very humbling experience to say the least.

I had to close down my business in Brazil to decrease the stress caused  by traveling. I learned I had a tumor, adrenal fatigue, the symptoms of post stress traumatic disorder and was experiencing chronic pain. My nervous system became incoherent and it was very difficult to self-regulate. Something was really off in my body as I couldn’t sustain homeostasis. I knew I had to dig deeper.

After many exams and alternative treatments, I found out the culprit of my problems, which was an undetected Traumatic Brain Injury from the car accident where I was unconscious for many hours after the impact. TBI triggered a cascade of health imbalances due to the stress caused by many years of intercontinental flights and a hectic lifestyle.

This type of injury can cause what many describe as the Dark Night of the Soul, as it can mess up our minds with thought-feeling loops of hopelessness and despair. In my case, I also experienced hallucinations, and combining them with other experiences from PTSD, life wasn’t easy, especially because I was fully aware of what was happening to me but somehow was unable to shift.

As a professional in the field of personal development and healing arts, I was determined to figure out how to heal my body and get out of this loop in a holistic way. I gained new perspectives, developed new processes and created new practices integrating quantum physics, neurobiology, positive psychology, sports performance, nutrition and consciousness studies. 

A new growth cycle is always an iteration of previous ones, and my work is no exception.

The result was my framework, Core Interactions Theory, where I describe how consciousness arises and manifests in physical form, from fragmentation to wholeness. I also created easy to understand models within this framework, including the Ego Structure and the High Flow Performance Matrix®, which describes the 4 main energy states from which we can manifest and experience our realities and how to navigate through them to achieve and sustain high flow states..

Using such models and appropriate processes, I was able to gradually raise my coherence levels and bring myself back into a state of homeostasis and high flow without using pharmaceuticals. 

I was able to become coherent with my SuperConscious by developing my intuitive, empathic and somatic intelligences to overcome the deterioration of my cognitive and pragmatic intelligences. In other words, I shifted vibrationally to engage the brain. I was able to improve my technology and methodology to heal TBI and the imbalances it created in other areas, and by doing so, I was able to re-pattern my brain and my nervous system to regain homeostasis and proper function.

My healing didn’t happen overnight and I’m constantly recalibrating my energy to keep myself healthy and flowing with life. When we activate our SuperConscious and allow the Universe’s creative impulses to flow through us, we can override old patterns that are active in our psyche and causing fragmentation. We need to trust the wisdom of our hearts and allow it to re-pattern our brain so we can harmonize ourselves at higher frequencies. 

I was able to transform severe fragmented thoughts and feelings caused by my brain injury, along with other physical and emotional trauma, recover my health and regain control of my life and business. I’m now able to experience life from a state of joy and abundance even when I experience setbacks.

Sometimes I have flashbacks and body reactions that drops my energy level, but I’m able to shift the energy state in minutes, not days.

I also learned to use such energy oscillations, which everyone in this planet is subjected to, as a way to recalibrate my frequency as it provides contrast. When we have contrast, we are able to make new choices. Then we have the challenge to implement them to create a transformation. This is how we evolve as human beings and as a global community.

I decided to make my mission to share this technology with the rest of the Planet. I work primarily with inner driven, creative individuals, including within organizations.

With all the experiences that life has given me, I was able to synthesize my teachings into transformational online courses that are used as textbooks in my programs, including the High Flow Performance Mentoring Program, a 12 week online group process where I lead people into becoming the High Flow CEOs of their life and business using my proprietary system.

And I also offer exciting retreats and VIP programs, including at the race track, to individuals, groups and organizations. 

I’m very passionate about my work and want to connect with those who resonate with the idea of Redefining their Limits, achieve High Flow Performance and change the World with their Wisdom and Passion.

"The wisdom of your Heart is wiser than Ancient Wisdom."


Miguel Franco

When Miguel isn’t assisting clients and students, leading his team at Conscious Path, LLC, creating breakthrough content or at the race track, he can be found hiking around beautiful Marin County where he resides with his adorable wife Vanessa.