"I envision a Planet that works for everyone!"


Miguel Franco

Miguel Franco is a multi-cultural visionary mentor, transformational and heart centered teacher, and a pioneer in the field of bio-energetics for both individuals and organizations. 

His uncanny ability to help clients and students translate their wisdom into inspired action is second to none, thanks to his elegant framework Core Interactions Theory, along with processes and practices designed to create coherence with what he describes as the SuperConscious, which vibrates in the Quantum Field.

When this happens, High Flow States become available.

For the last 40 years, Miguel has leveraged his extraordinary gifts, expertise and engineering background to help transform inner driven and creative leaders into High Flow CEOs through his best selling books and trainings, including his  High Flow Performance Group Mentoring Program and online courses such as SuperConscious Experience®Engineer Your Destiny® and Recalibrate Your Heart®. 

His clients and students include Silicon Valley founders, top level race car drivers, artists, course creators, online entrepreneurs, therapists and spiritual seekers.

He has worked with global brands such as RAYOVAC®, Toyota, SunPower, Sumitomo, Banco do Brasil, SOHO and Cyclades, and many professional organizations, such as CONARH, GABA and BayBrazil. 

His lifelong passion is racing, and he’s currently preparing himself for a comeback. He wants to compete in the high profile 24 Hour of Le Mans before he turns 70. He wants to inspire people of all ages and backgrounds to believe in themselves, to be bold and to go after their dreams. 


Anything is possible when we have The Drive To Win!

"The wisdom of your Heart is wiser than Ancient Wisdom."


Miguel Franco

When Miguel isn’t assisting clients and students, leading his team at Conscious Path, LLC, creating breakthrough content or at the race track, he can be found hiking around beautiful Marin County where he resides with his adorable wife Vanessa.