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An open letter to passionate entrepreneurs, business professionals and athletes.


Dear Friend,

I’ll be direct with you.

To live your ideal life, build a business that you love, and perform at your best, you must explore the Essence of who you are and allow your creative impulses to flow through you.

Creative impulses vibrate at a frequency according to the intentions you have for them. 

When this intention contains passion, the impulses drive our actions with engagement and purpose.

As a result, we manifest our intentions with ease and experience more fulfillment and pleasure with the process. 

I call this frequency The Drive To Win.

In this book I’m going to show how you can access, activate and embody The Drive To Win frequency to more easily experience the fullness of who you are becoming and create the life you want for yourself.

It’s a free from doubt frequency that moves you and your projects forward because it creates momentum and pleasurable feelings, even when the inevitable setbacks are encountered along the way.

We override fear and uncertainty created by our subconscious programming.

And bring coherence to all areas of our life and business as we eliminate self sabotage and heal emotional turmoil for good!

When we manage our energy to create a coherent energy field for the people we interact with and the money that flows in and out of our life and business, we are priming ourselves for High Flow Performance.

When high flowing, we experience joy, fulfillment and abundance, and a sense of unconditional love for ourselves and others. 

We feel deserving of all the good things life has to offer. And as a result, we perform at our best!

Embodying The Drive To Win

Watch Matt Treece describe how he continues to achieve amazing results by operating from a High Flow State. Starting from scratch, today he leads a team of 60 + people, has surpassed 7 figures in his business and travels the world with his girlfriend enjoying the laptop lifestyle.

His comprehensive case study is inside the eBook, so you can learn from his experience.




When we stop doubting ourselves and start believing in the possibility of a new life, we create a new vibration that allows us to become the person who lives that new life, so it can manifest.

When we infuse our Experiences with The Drive To Win frequency, we eliminate the struggle, the grinding feeling that is often present when trying to create something new.

And dissolve conscious or unconscious traumas that cause overwhelm, anxiety, doubt and other lower vibrations.

We eliminate energy fragmentation, the root cause of poor performance and unhealthy states.

When we start to embrace our setbacks, failures, criticisms and mistakes with compassion, we create the necessary contrast to give us clarity for our next steps. 

We increase our self love and self worth so we can better serve others.

It’s not how you fall, but how you get back up!

We recalibrate our energy to become coherent with our SuperConscious mind, or our non-physical aspect that vibrates in the Quantum Field.

This is the High Flow CEO approach to success.

We improve our performance because we get in the Driver’s Seat of our life and business, which requires coherence. 

This coherence helps us create the necessary habits to stay more focused, productive, confident and committed. And to build a team that shares our values and vision.

We also have to redefine our limits to consistently cross the finish line of our endeavors in the best position possible. 

Winning comes from putting ourselves in a position to win in the first place! 


Roberto Pupo Moreno

Formula One and winning IndyCar driver. 

Formula 3000 World Champion.


"Miguel's insights and tools were very helpful in my career. I used them to stay focused and confident on and off the race track. The intentional visualization exercises helped me with concentration and performance and our talks fueled my drive to win."



This book will challenge the way you see your life and business!

If you are spinning your wheels to experience fulfillment, happiness and joy with your life or business despite having success (or not), this book will help you immensely.

What I’m going to teach you is quite simple, effective and integrative. 

I’m going to teach you how to create COHERENCE in all areas of your life and business by developing and integrating your pre-cognitive and cognitive skills.

By doing this, you will unearth the root causes of your problems with less effort, and without the need to “work on yourself” because higher frequencies override lower frequencies as you tune into them.

How powerful is that?

You see, when we create Life Experiences that go against our desires and passions, our life-force becomes fragmented and we disconnect from the Essence of who we really are.

When this happens, we don’t listen to the Wisdom of our Heart and we have more Incoherent Experiences.

Incoherent Experiences lead to boredom, overwhelm, stress, anxiety, resentment, anger, fear, scarcity and even depressive states of being.

Incoherent Experiences take the joy away from life even if we are “successful”. This is the invisible problem that impacts personal and professional lives around the World.



When you learn to transform the frequency from which you create your Experiences, everything changes.

Your struggles stop and you can finally experience empowered states of Being.

You become the person you were meant to be.

You become a coherent person. And as such, you create Coherent Experiences.

Coherent Experiences produce more joy, enthusiasm, freedom, happiness, fulfillment, desire, abundance, ecstasy…

And we can engineer our Experiences to be coherent with each other, creating a state of Being that I call High Flow.

I’ve created a proven methodology that will help you engineer your Experiences to achieve and sustain High Flow States.

This methodology is powered by a cutting-edge technology, the SuperConscious Experience®. 

It will help your struggles fade away so you can go beyond flow states and into High Flow.

In order to speed up we have to slow down!

My work with SuperConscious activation is not only backed by science but also by over 30 years of research, development, practice, teaching and mentoring. 

This is the exact methodology and technology that I’ve used to heal myself from traumatic experiences, a life threatening illness and TBI (brain injury), and all the incoherent states they created, including depression, anxiety, overwhelm, resentment, worry and fear.

What I share in this book has helped me transform incoherent Experiences into High Flow States, where joy, fulfillment and feelings of pleasure and abundance are constantly present.

And it has also helped those who have worked with me, including Silicon Valley founders, top level race car drivers, artists, business owners and executives, course creators, online entrepreneurs, bodyworkers and therapists. And also global brands.

In fact, I’m sharing a comprehensive case study of one of my students, an online entrepreneur, that will inspire you to become the High Flow CEO of your life and business. 

Matt Treece

Matt Treece 

Online Entrepreneur


“Miguel helps you get to the essence of what you really, really want and empowers you to get into a state of consciousness that makes it effortless or feels effortless to achieve it!

It made me realize, okay, I can do this.” 

Wendy DeWitt

Wendy DeWitt 

Performing Artist


"Miguel's approach is very effective and his logic is impeccable. 

Using the system I discovered within myself what I needed to stay passionate and focused about doing the work that's important to me."

Daniel Dalarossa

Daniel Dalarossa 

Silicon Valley Founder


 "I highly recommend Miguel Franco for individuals and organizations, not only because he has lots of experience on what he does or because he has developed an incredible framework in the field called Core Interactions Theory, but mainly because he produces results."

“The more we are able to understand Consciousness as the precursor of all Experiences, the more we’ll be able to transform our Experiences and our current state of Consciousness!”

 Miguel Franco


Most of our professional and personal challenges are not really about our business strategies, the people around us, or the circumstances we are in.

They are about the quality of the energy that we bring to meet our challenges.

They are about our States of Consciousness.

My methodology and technology will help you take your personal and business development to the next level, to go beyond self awareness and grit and into High Flow States. 

High Flow States contain the higher frequencies of Consciousness that when embodied, transform physical reality.

You are going to experience Soul, Mind, and Body integrated by the Wisdom of the Heart, and feel this frequency harmonizing your nervous system!

When you give your thoughts, feelings and actions more direction and purpose from a High Flow State you become the cause, not the effect of your Reality.

Get in the Driver’s Seat of your life and business. Embody The Drive to Win frequency. It’s your birthright!

Flavio Nono Figueiredo

Flavio Nono Figueiredo 

Team Owner/ Touring Car champion


"A driver’s concentration is essential to good performance on track, whether to make a fast lap or win a race.

I have learned a few techniques with Miguel Franco in 1990 and I use them until today: Clearing my head and having only the main goal in mind for a qualifying and a race are essential to trying your best."


Liz D. 

Yoga Teacher/Bodyworker


"The main nugget I received from working with Miguel is that his system has a way of connecting into the ethereal world of flow  in a pragmatic way.

The whole process of coming into intention, using imagery, understanding that we can focus our energy as we wish in different areas, as if we were learning to exercise a muscle that most people don't know even exist!"

Gustavo Couto

Gustavo Couto 

Financial Consultant


"Using Miguel's system I was able to integrate pragmatic approaches, like settings goals and timelines, with an intuitive approach, like visualizations and energy management.

This integration really works as I use the more intuitive approach to sense risks and opportunities and taking action accordingly.

I recommend Miguel's work as it allows reaching your goals without experiencing negative stress."



This 150 page ebook will show you that one of the fastest and most effective ways to create powerful transformations is to recalibrate the vibration of your Experiences by infusing them with The Drive to Win frequency. 

This is possible when we become coherent with our SuperConscious, or our non-physical aspect, which I’ll explain in more detail in the book.

When coherent, we embody our own source of Passion in its most coherent vibrational state to manifest rewarding and desired Experiences one after another, as in a continuum.

This creates High Flow States.

This ebook will teach you what manifestation really is - not what you’ve been taught - so you can Redefine your Limits and experience High Flow Performance by embodying the Essence of who you really are.

When you do, your results will manifest as a reflection of this frequency, which contains your most inner desires.

As they become manifested, you will feel self realized. Whole. Complete.




The investment for The Drive To Win ebook is only $5, 50% off the regular price.

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There’s no better time than NOW to transform incoherent energies that may be holding you back from experiencing your full potential, from embodying the fullness of who you are becoming.

It is my mission to teach and mentor this process to as many people as possible, so they can experience High Flow States, create coherent Experiences and positively impact others, creating a ripple effect. 

Together we can expand the frequency even more, making it stronger for all. 





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"May you always have a passion to pursue, dreams to manifest, a new skill to master and a place to go with someone you love.

 Miguel Franco


I am confident that if you apply the perspectives, processes and practices that I offer in the book, your life and business will be transformed for the better.

You’ll feel calmer, more focused and healthier, and have more clarity and confidence to take inspired action.

I know you are going to love this book, but if you don’t, I'll return your $5 - and let you keep the book anyway.

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PS. Just in case you like to skip to the end, here’s what you need to know in a nutshell:

I’m offering you a 150 page ebook that outlines how to activate and embody The Drive to Win frequency so you can redefine your limits, experience high flow performance and transform your life and business from the inside out.

The book is $5, a 50% off the regular price.

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