From Unfocused Twenty-Something to

High Flow CEO



Case Study on how SuperConscious Experience®
can change one’s life

Who is the real Matt Treece?

It’s a question that rattled around Matt’s brain from the second his friend drunkenly asked him in a Barcelona pub. A seemingly simple question... that he had NO idea how to answer.

He was ambitious, sure. He loved his job, one where he could wear many hats. He liked to skate and surfboard on the weekends. He had a good family and fabulous friends -- but still, something was missing.

He was only 22, but he still couldn’t name anything he was particularly proud of accomplishing. Worse, he wasn’t even sure WHAT he wanted to accomplish.

So who is the real Matt Treece? He was about to find out pretty quickly.

I believe by the end of reading Matt's story; you won't just see Matt...
You will see you.

His story exemplifies 3 core concepts of what I guide every client through: cultivating Flow, self-leadership, and eventually transforming wisdom into action. Yes, it is Matt's story, but it is also a human story whose themes resonate within all of us.

It’s a story of becoming the High Flow CEO of your life and business.


Thank you Miguel!

As physicist Max Plank said:

“When we change the way we look at things,
the things we look at change.”

And when we change the way we look at ourselves, we change. Remain open
to new possibilities as you experience Matt’s story...

Because the beginnings of your transformation might happen as you read this ...



In this process, you explore what's not working and what you do want instead. And then, all of a sudden, it shows up when it's right. It's almost like this work shows you the blocks you have and how to clear them to get the results you want.

Matt and I initially connected through a business group. While he had dabbled in traditional self-help and coaching in the past -- rewiring thought patterns, hacking belief structures, etc. -- the work never really resonated. Most of the time, he left feeling worse and somewhat frustrated. 

His willingness to dive in and trust the process was vital. The process -- as he found out -- would take care of the rest.

“Who is the real Matt Treece?”

Initial questions are like inciting incidents -- essential to start the story, but rarely the LARGER issue that needs answering the most. 

We came to find out that Matt’s issues were not actually about his personality or identity.

While our personalities are critical (we frankly need them to function in the world just like we need our physical bodies), most of our behaviors come from our subconscious that feeds our conscious awareness with repetitive patterns from our past.

In other words, much of our personality and identities derive from false narratives or meaning we later ascribe to events to explain our actions and reactions. 

Some of these patterns and stories serve us. But many do not. When we feel stuck or unclear (like Matt did), it's a sign that an outdated pattern is active in our vibration -- our vibrations being how we think, feel and connect to the world and people around us.

To have a breakthrough in life or business,
we have to break free from outdated patterns that play out in our minds.

Thoughts such as:

"I'm not good enough,"

"I'm too old/young,"

"I don't have time/money,"

"I'm not fit/healthy/wealthy enough,"

"I'm not pretty/attractive"


… Basically, we must free ourselves from our fears and false narratives
if we ever want to release what’s truly holding us back and connect to a higher level of consciousness.


So for Matt, the question of “Who is the real Matt Treece?” wasn’t a question of identity. 

It was a question of accessing and trusting his intuition to get his answer from a Core Level that transcended the subconscious identities that were shaping his life.



I was already in a relatively entrepreneurial role, but I had always seen myself as the number two in a company. So that was a pretty big breakthrough. The whole process gave me the idea that I could set up a company. It made me realize, okay, I can do this. 
Matt had to connect to his intuition to learn to trust the wisdom of his HEART, not the narratives created by his BRAIN.

To do so, he also had to open to a key perspective:


According to quantum physics, inferences and observations, consciousness arises outside the body, not in the brain.


Every human has a non-physical aspect, which I call our SuperConscious (others may call Higher Self, Spirit, Source ...). The SuperConscious is coherent with the Quantum Field where infinite possibilities exist as vibrational patterns.

The communication between your SuperConscious and your physical body takes place through your sensorial apparatus.

Sometimes we may experience
this communication through 
altered states of consciousness.


Throughout history, people have experienced altered states of awareness through meditation, ceremonies using plant medicine like Ayahuasca, psychedelics, deep breathwork, and other ways to alter perception. Although transformation can occur from such experiences, it can also create serious emotional breakdown for people even under the guidance from facilitators.

When we are coherent with the SuperConscious, we naturally develop the strength & ability to cultivate awareness at all times. It allows us to use our many intelligences, including the intuitive, empathic, somatic, cognitive and pragmatic. 

We experience ecstatic and blissful experiences which some may describe as mystical. 

And this is a game changer.

And so with Matt, we started working through the many perspectives, processes and practices found in Core Interactions Theory, the science- based framework that informs my teachings.

When you can connect directly to your SuperConscious, you make decisions and take actions from a truly grounded and heart-centered place -- not from false assumptions, narratives, or programming. You are free to welcome all the creative impulses from your Core without judgement.

This is the power of HIGH FLOW

-- making decisions free from what we “think” we should do, abandoning outdated programming, and empowering ourselves with pure possibility flowing from our SuperConscious.

High Flow is an unbelievably powerful, energetic vibration from which humans are capable of unbelievable things.

Eventually, Matt began to effortlessly connect with his Flow and tap into his SuperConscious.

He realized he had the power to make heart-led, intuitive decisions with ease, because the information was flowing into his awareness as creative impulses from his Core, which felt really good to him.

And he started to trust the feelings.

He was experiencing coherence between his SuperConscious and the body's conscious awareness, repatterning his brain with new creative impulses.

In other words, he lived life from a High Flow State, which is a state of ABUNDANCE!

And it was the beginning of changes that even Matt didn’t expect...





Miguel helps you get to the essence of what you really, really want and empowers you to get into a state of mind that makes it effortless or feels effortless to achieve it!

But what is Flow?

It’s a trendy term you’ve likely heard thrown around before...

Flow is often described as a momentary state of deep focus.

Like when you're working on a project, and you look up and suddenly 3 hours have passed! This is what I call short term flow, or being in ‘the Zone'.

But Flow doesn't have to be momentary. It is possible to develop the connection with your SuperConscious and make a living in a High Flow state your norm.

This was Matt’s true goal.

Here are practical examples of what life is like inside and outside of High Flow:

When you’re OUT of High Flow...

  • Decisions can be difficult, stressful, and take A LOT of energy and time.

  • It’s easy to overthink or ruminate on situations, memories, or even future events.

  • Feelings of stress, anxiety, and frustration are prominent in your consciousness.

  • Accomplishing goals can feel like a fight, grind, or struggle.

  • Other’s thoughts or opinions occupy your mind or knock you off course.

  • You may feel fragmented and experience a sense of lack, including of direction and purpose.

When you are IN High Flow...

  • Decisions are easy because they come from a profoundly intuitive, heartcentered place.

  • Feelings of certainty, confidence, ease, and abundance are more prominent.

  • Accomplishing goals feels effortless -- even if they take a great amount of work.

  • People’s opinions no longer affect you as deeply or cloud your mind.

  • Letting go of toxic situations becomes easier.

  • Ideas, people, and situations that are more appropriate for your growth seem to ‘appear’ in your life.

  • You feel happier and more fulfilled because you can consistently show up as your full self and work from a place of deep purpose.

  • You consistently experience the fullness of who you are becoming.

As Matt discovered -- though the process can be very enjoyable -intuition development and achieving a High Flow state requires commitment and practice.

However, there are structures and frameworks to help develop this ability and strengthen that critical connection to your SuperConscious to remain in Flow.

When coherent with your SuperConscious, you reprogram your subconscious by experiencing your creative impulses flowing through you.

You start becoming the fullness of the person you want to be.

You enjoy life as it happens in the moment as your brain becomes re-patterned with the wisdom from your heart.

And because of that, you let go of what's fragmenting you to become whole and complete again.

You trust your thoughts as you realize you are creating them and are able to consciously choose the ones that are coherent with your heart.

You become coherent at all levels of existence, including at the levels of personality, identities, beliefs and bio-chemistry.

As thoughts and feelings become coherent, you experience well being despite of your current circumstances, allowing you to change them without struggling.

You become coherent with the person you need to be to create your desired life and business, and appreciate the present moment as an opportunity to create change.

Your energy flows freely and you start doing the things that will keep MOMENTUM going for the transformational process.


You become coherent with HIGH FLOW STATES.


It's a state of WHOLENESS and ABUNDANCE. And also of KNOWINGNESS.


As Matt realized, to achieve and sustain High Flow States he also had to practice SELF- LEADERSHIP.



He just puts you on an amazing track where you don't even think about stress. You don't have any doubt in your ability. Like, I work ridiculous hours, I'm always in meetings. I start work at 8:30 am, and I don't finish until like 8 or 9 pm. And I just don't care. Like I really, really love doing the work. It's not a grind or hustle. It's just what I love to do!

Throughout my 30+ years working as a visionary mentor for inner driven, creative leaders I have observed that most people, including top achievers, don’t usually experience a true sense of fulfillment.

They may have a nice job, family, money, social life, and everything else that should make one happy, but they lack a sense of purpose or meaning in their lives. They are stuck chasing money, status, the perfect relationship, or material things and feel,

“When I have____ I’ll feel successful.”

When we chase a concept of success and seek validation and acceptance as the goal -- our motivation is empty.

It is why we sometimes feel disappointed, indifferent, unfulfilled, or unrealized when we achieve certain goals OR get too exhausted by the process of achievement to follow through.

As you become more successful, decisions do not become easier, but more complex.

They demand more presence and confidence from you as expectations and new responsibilities grow.

This is the reason why I introduce the concept of Self Leadership from the get go to all my clients and students.

Without Self-Leadership -- you can feel miserable or unfulfilled
no matter what you accomplish.

And leading yourself and others can become a difficult and energetically draining affair.

So, what is Self-Leadership?

Self-Leadership is the art of consciously managing our energies and skills to achieve desired objectives by giving our thoughts, feelings and actions more direction, flow and purpose. And this is what being a HIGH FLOW CEO is all about!

With Self-Leadership, we are more able to consciously open up our hearts and intuitively receive the wisdom of our SuperConscious.

Motivation comes from the desire to make a contribution -- rather than proving anything to anyone, including ourselves.

It’s how people can work 12+ hours a day, never feel drained, and authentically proclaim how EASY it is!

They just do it because they are in love and in integrity with what they do!

Lifeforce flows through them -- they just feel alive and resilient!

Matt is experiencing High Flow Performance because he's now managing his energy in a way that creates coherent energy fields for the people he serves, including his team and customers, and for the money that flows in and out of his life and business.

And he has been able to sustain it because he is mastering the art of Self Leadership, which requires integrity, authenticity and resilience.


What I love most about the work is when we do Recalibration sessions where we journey into the Quantum Field. The feeling is pure joy, which I then embody to do the work and reinforce the feeling. The whole body feels energized with new knowledge and eager for action. It feels so good! Manifestations flow as a result.” 

Matt didn’t have to fight for his goals.


He didn’t have to struggle or stress when things got hard… Matt learned that when his heart and brain are coherent, it becomes easier to access the Quantum Field through intentional visualizations. It is an altered state of consciousness where he can stay fully present and aware in dimensions beyond the physical, beyond time-space.

And when the session is over, he usually experiences a new frequency vibrating in his body and can more easily integrate the insights into his day-to-day.

Matt also uses the techniques we practice in sessions to enhance his performance and confidence, including in skate boarding (his passion) and business. Learning how energy wants to flow through us is the greatest skill we can learn and master.

Passion will keep you on course and forever young as excitement spills over to other areas of your life, promoting change and well being.


By mastering the art of Self-Leadership,

Matt got to the core of what he wanted out of life -- which explains the seemingly miraculous way things happened so quickly for him.
His passion for playing in the quantum field keeps him coherent with his SuperConscious and keeps momentum going, so he is always embodying the person he’s becoming.
This creates High Flow Performance.
Matt is always redefining his limits and wants to change the World with his wisdom and passion!




I personally witnessed Matt's transformation in real-time. It was one of the more remarkable things I've seen in my years of practice. Very rewarding.

We often measure ourselves in increments of 5 years, 10 years, 20 years...

...Matt’s life transformation happened in just 3 years..  

Within 3 years, he:

  •  Realized he didn't want to work for an entrepreneur. He wanted to BE one.

  •  Determined his life’s purpose -- a clarity he had never achieved before.

  •  Unleashed his natural talents and abilities and how to monetize them.

  •  Started his business, quit his day job, and hit multiple six-figures within months.

  •  Grew his team to 17 people.

  •  Manifested his perfect partner who loves traveling the world with him and living a location-independent life -- while he helps others to do the same!

  •  Quit smoking!

  •  Overcame decision-making insecurities and is now guided entirely by his SuperConscious.

  •  Works 12+ hour days -- without constant exhaustion, or it ‘feeling like work.’

  •  Knows when to take time off to recharge.

  •  Feels empowered, certain, and confident!

  •  LOVES what he does every day and the life he's created for himself.

And he finally feels like he knows -- on a soul level -- who Matt Treece really is.



And it hasn't just been the business or the money or the purpose. I found an amazing girlfriend! Like everything that I could have possibly wanted has kind of come to fruition!

Through my courses and programs, Matt not only discovered who he is and what he wants, but he also BECAME that person and manifested it very quickly. He makes a living using his skills and abilities with far less resistance, which builds MOMENTUM. He follows and enjoys the flow of his creative impulses!

When in High Flow we enjoy well being and prosperity and help others do the same because our energy is coherent with the people we serve and the money exchanged in our interactions with them. Money becomes a consequence of being in High Flow. And as we experience life from this energy state, we thrive!

We also attract appropriate relationships that will help us move towards our purpose, towards our Core Intentions.

We turn ordinary relationships into extraordinary co-creative adventures!


That’s Matt’s story.

But his story -- our stories -- never really end...



The work of empowering your intuition, achieving High Flow, and practicing Self-Leadership takes commitment.

I can guide you in this journey with every gift I have, but I’m not able to achieve these things for you.

Even as you work to access this High Flow state -- resistance will inevitably come up.

For Matt, quitting his job was incredibly difficult. He loved his boss. She had been a mentor to him and taught him so much. He had become a truly integral part of the company -- and while his business didn't compete with hers, he (initially) felt guilty for building it.

The stories he told himself about loyalty nearly blocked him from his dreams. (Not to mention doubts about his abilities to make money and numerous fears around security.)

But these were all blocks we could work through. I helped mentor him through the difficult conversations, and eventually, he was able to leave his job, make money, and overcome survival mode.

He chose to love himself unconditionally and raised his sense of self-worth. He broke free from what was defining him and his own perceived limitations.

This is why having a mentor in this process is so important. Self- leadership and High Flow are NOT linear paths. It's multidimensional work. What we do together will touch every aspect of your life and is a highly revealing process.

But it’s also fun, exciting, and thrilling!
Because what is waiting on the other side is so beyond your wildest dreams...



I didn’t think I was a big purpose guy. I just wanted to figure out who I was. I wasn't in a position where I wanted to save the world or anything. And now, I want to help people work from their laptops. I want to help more people have more freedom. I also discovered I love having a team. I love working with other entrepreneurs. And I discovered through this process that I am way more impact-driven than I thought, and it gives me such a greater sense of fulfillment.




What are you thinking about right now?

Initial questions are like inciting incidents...

We all have things we intend for our lives. Whether those convictions are weak or strong, large or small, put there by ourselves or others... our intentions shape who we are and what we want.

All of us carry some form of emotional baggage (including trauma) that negatively impacts our well-being. On the other hand, even emotions can keep us inside a comfort zone, where we are safe -- but unchallenged, and unfulfilled.

We may be aware of our emotional states and how they are impacting us, but awareness alone is not enough to create change. 

If you want to have something new coming into your life to take you to the next level, you must have a clear intention of what you want.  ... And take the first step. Then the second ...

Let me ask, if you had the opportunity to shape your intentions, to connect with a source of limitless energy, and experience freedom, love, and joy -- would you take up the work?


I believe your life is worth it. To achieve that powerful transformation is an admirable and desirable goal. When you achieve that High Flow, that state of effortless bliss and awareness of your actions and thoughts -- it tends to spread to other people.

When you contribute to your Flow, you encourage the Flow within others: your family, friends, employees, strangers, the world... so much power can come from you embodying the wisdom and intuition of your SuperConscious to manifest a life and business where you can experience pleasure, abundance and joy more frequently.

I am here to offer you that opportunity... to take a journey of exploration that results in an ability to live life with full, unadulterated passion.

Wherever you are on your transformational journey, I'm here to assist.

"The wisdom of your Heart is wiser than Ancient Wisdom."


Miguel Franco