Activate Your SuperConscious, Redefine Your Limits and Manifest your Core Intentions with Confidence and Ease!




with Miguel Franco

6 Steps to High Flow Performance

for inner driven, creative individuals

Activate your SuperConsciousRedefine Your Limits and Manifest your Core Intentions with Confidence and Ease!

In This Training You Are Going To Learn:

👉 What Energy Fragmentation is and how to transform stress, anxiety and overwhelm into focus and confidence.

👉 A new science-based framework on how Consciousness arises and manifests in physical form that revolutionizes what we know about behavior and our Vital Life Force.

👉 Why most subconscious reprogramming techniques don't work and what to do to overcome resistance and embody the frequency of the person you want to become.

👉 How to use the High Flow Performance Matrix® to identify your current overall frequency and raise it to new levels.

👉 The 6 STEPS to achieve and sustain High Flow Performance, manifest your Core Intentions and experience Abundance in your Life and Business.


Matt Treece

Founder - Buzzcube.io

"After learning about Miguel's groundbreaking framework, models and processes in his free training, and practicing his 6 steps to High Flow Performance, I quit my day job and started my own company. In just over two years I took it from zero to multiple six figures! I highly recommend you pay attention to what he shares in this training. Worth every minute. It changed my life."


Flavio Nono Figueiredo

Multiple Touring Car/GT champion - Team Owner

"A driver’s concentration is essential to good performance on track, whether to make a fast lap or win a race. I have learned a few techniques with Miguel Franco in 1990 and I use them until today: Clearing my head and having only the main goal in mind for a qualifying and a race are essential to trying your best."

We transform Inner Driven, Creative Individuals into High Flow CEOs so they can redefine their limits, achieve high flow performance and change the World with their Wisdom and Passion!

Your Host:

Miguel Franco

Miguel Franco is a multi-cultural visionary mentor, transformational and heart centered teacher, and a pioneer in the field of bio-energetics. His uncanny ability to help clients and students translate their wisdom into inspired action is second to none, thanks to his elegant framework Core Interactions Theory, along with processes and practices that are effective and fun to implement and sustain. He believes that we are already whole and complete, therefore there's nothing to fix.

For the last 40 years, Miguel has leveraged his extraordinary gifts, expertise and engineering background to help transform inner driven leaders into High Flow CEOs through his best selling books and trainings, including his High Flow Performance Mentoring Program and result oriented online courses such as Engineer Your Destiny®, Recalibrate Your Heart® and his signature SuperConscious Experience®.

His clients and students include Silicon Valley founders, top level race car drivers, artists, course creators, online entrepreneurs, therapists and spiritual seekers.